Cancer Facts – Tobacco Use Increases Risks of Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking is linked to 11 types of cancer and many health problems. The most common cancers associated with the use of tobacco are lung cancer , cancer of the larynx , mouth , throat , esophagus and bladder . It has also been linked to cancer of the pancreas , cervix , kidney , stomach , and some leukemias . Among women , smoking is known to be a risk factor for developing breast cancer.

Facts about Tobacco

Tobacco has beneficial uses that date back many years. Whatever their use, the main component is, of course , nicotine . As with any plant beneficial , the method of delivery and the use or misuse can lead to problems .

Snuff actually does a very good natural insect repellent in the house and garden. Dip a very small amount in a liter of water releases on the night of nicotine in water, you can then spray on garden plants to kill a variety of pests .

Tobacco can also be mixed with compost and spread on roses to get rid of aphids and other pests .

Have you had trouble getting rid of moles and moles ? These little creatures can totally destroy the lawn! The good news is – you hate snuff . Crush a pack of unfiltered cigarettes and submit their holes, and see if it does get rid of them .

I swear spiders could rule the world if they had opposable thumbs . Because they can be beneficial, I really do not want my whole house, and I am tired of cleaning the cobwebs near lights in my porches. There is a cure for organic home, however, does not mean you and the environment poisoning trying to keep the spider population to a manageable level . Boil a liter of water with a packet of chewing snuff. Let cool, strain the leaves of tobacco, and then use the liquid in a spray around your garden , base and cracks .

Because these remedies contain a high concentration of nicotine , it is recommended to wear latex or rubber gloves when working with the compounds .

Native Americans used snuff as a poultice to treat rashes, insect and animal bites and stings of bees and wasps. A solution of tobacco soaked in water ( and of course, before using strain) can be used to rinse your hair if rid of lice and other insects. In colonial times , snuff has been used in the context of an action against pertussis in the presence of a medical treatment for pertussis is not recommended .

The result of all this is – you can see how snuff is harmful pests and around your home and garden. It is really beneficial when taken internally by humans, its beneficial use for man with external applications.

Cancer and snuff

The combination of tobacco and cancer is the result of two bad uses of the plant , namely , smoking and prolonged exposure. Nicotine itself does not cause cancer, but it is the addictive substance in tobacco , snuff, but there are other substances in snuff causing damage . If you burn anything and inhale the smoke, which will cause damage to your body. The danger of tobacco is addictive quality of nicotine with harmful method and delivery through smoking substances.

Prolonged exposure causes damage to people who use smokeless tobacco , such as snuff. It is less deadly than snuff – but that is not the same as saying that it is safe . The amount of nicotine absorbed is usually more than the amount paid by smoking. The main substance that causes cancer in snuff smoke snuff specific nitrosamines. This substance is known to cause cancer in laboratory animals , either injected or inhaled. In addition, snuff himself and juice snuff is absorbed through the lining of the mouth , causing sores and white patches called leukoplakia , which often lead to oral cancer . People who use smokeless tobacco forms have an increased risk of cancer of the mouth , throat , esophagus , stomach and pancreas risk.

No smoking ” security ” , drinking or chewing snuff way. There is no way “safe” smoking any substance, including cigarettes ” herbal ” . Smokers are five times more likely to suffer from health problems that threaten life as a direct result of their smoking . Making the decision to quit smoking and other forms of snuff is an option to save lives .

Cancer Facts – Tobacco Use Increases Risks of Cancer

Tobacco Use Increases Risks, Cancer Facts – Tobacco

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