How to Stop Smoking Marijuana – Techniques and Strategies Used in Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

If you have been looking for a way on how to stop smoking marijuana, you can actually find a lot of strategies and techniques that are used today. However, it is important to note that if you are someone who needs help, or admit that you have to stop this addiction , you must be determined and motivated to do so .

Whatever the techniques used to overcome any addiction , the first step must come from you – and that is crucial to overcome the addiction and the decision to start . To help you find the best strategy r technique that you can use on how to stop smoking marijuana , here are some techniques that you might find useful .


Hypnosis has been very popular these days in the treatment of phobias, changing bad habits, overcome addiction and help overcome fear and anxiety, and changes in patterns of undesirable behavior. Hypnotherapy works by sending messages to your subconscious mind to help you change the way you think about certain things. You can do hypnosis by the guidance of an expert , or you can also do self- hypnosis to help you . Although hypnotherapy has been widely practiced , it is important to note that it may be effective as a complementary treatment .

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Another commonly used treatment to overcome addiction , including marijuana addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy, which is usually done by a professional. In this particular technique, you will work with your therapist to identify their feelings and thoughts, and cope with difficulties and how you can change .

It also undergo vocational training where you will learn coping skills that will help you avoid going for drugs or marijuana . Usually, poor adaptation capabilities leading to the use of marijuana as a coping mechanism and cognitive behavioral therapy can help in this area too.

Self Help

Apart from these treatments on how to stop smoking marijuana, you can also help you with a few things that can help a lot in their struggle to overcome addiction . Make some changes in lifestyle. Avoid places and people who will only lead to the consumption of marijuana.

Find ways to manage stress in your life. If marijuana is often associated as an escape from dealing with stress and problems in life , so if you want to get rid of the habit , find healthy and positive to handle and manage forms of stress.

Find new interests and passion. Break your routine and get rid of routine items and things that remind you of marijuana . While these are only small things you can do every day , which can greatly contribute to full recovery .

Another important strategy that helps a lot on how to stop smoking marijuana is to find a support group or even a friend or family member who can help you go through the process without being judged . The lack of a support group is sometimes an important capability to successfully overcome any dependency factor .

If you are looking for other effective techniques that can be used to help combat the addiction to marijuana , check out this easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program . See also Quit Marijuana Guide , a comprehensive guide to help you quit smoking pot forever.

How to Stop Smoking Marijuana – Techniques and Strategies Used in Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

How to Stop Smoking Marijuana, How to Stop Smoking

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