How To Stop Smoking Weed – 3 Highly Successful Tips To Stop You Getting Sucked Back Into The Habit

I would say that one of the main problems of most people when they try to quit smoking marijuana is the probability of getting caught in the back – or a relapse. How easy is it going to take a quick breath ? It certainly can not hurt , right? Unfortunately, many pot smokers have been used for years , and is pulled back budding addiction is very difficult to ignore .

This is especially true if you have not prepared for the difficult road ahead . So if you really want to know how to stop smoking marijuana for good, and if you do not want to return to their old habits of marijuana, just follow these three simple tips, but very effective : –

1) be as far as you can eliminate – I know this is obvious, but it always surprises me how ex – marijuana smokers do not follow these simple tips. Quitting weed is not just not buy, but also avoid places known to be easily accessible to you. Of course, you should not visit the places used to smoke, as it is perfectly logical that if you have nothing that is more likely to have a better chance of quitting.

2) Keep an eye on things , of course , are associated with smoking marijuana – all situations that automatically trigger a need for weed . I loved to smoke weed right after a meal , while I had friends who smoke first thing in the morning is attached. You can even have some clothes he wore always smoke marijuana , or met specific people in a specific place .

The problem is that once you are faced with one of these places or reasons that automatically feel the need to smoke marijuana . In fact, I ‘ll go so far as to say that you can have a real desire in the face of one of these scenarios . Its original purpose , if you want to stop smoking marijuana is to identify things, people and places that trigger their need pot and do everything possible to avoid them. If the temptation is on its way , to do everything possible to avoid it.

3) Find new friends who do not smoke cannabis or marijuana – I guess this is the most obvious way to avoid being caught smoking marijuana . Unfortunately, his old friends , no matter how good , the temptation always put in their way, and must therefore be treated as a bad influence. You will actually find new friends is much easier than you think .

I would say that most people have a new wave of confidence in the first few weeks of quitting marijuana. You start to lose the fear and paranoia usually caused by feelings of marijuana, and it may improve your vision of life without end .

When you finally make new friends , and once you think you can trust them to talk about their addiction and the fact that he has been sober for a period of time. This does not mean that you will never be able to see his old friends , but soon discover that many of these “friends” is based only on their mutual dependence .

These three tips are a great starting point for you if you want to stop smoking marijuana . At least if you can stay away from people and places that attract marijuana, avoid situations that can trigger cravings, and make new friends, which is already well on your way to success.

How To Stop Smoking Weed – 3 Highly Successful Tips To Stop You Getting Sucked Back Into The Habit

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