Quit Smoking Side Effects

There are a number of side effects of quitting and not all of them are nice. Besides the obvious health benefits , there are also a number of side effects associated with nicotine withdrawal . Along with this, if you quit using a drug like Chantix or Zyban , you can choose other side effects associated with drugs.

The most obvious reason why people quit is that the health benefits , but what are they exactly ?

In particular , blood pressure , heart rate and lung efficiency all improve very quickly after quitting smoking – in a matter of days. Levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood return to background levels within days. These are very positive side effects of quitting .

Smokers also develop a better sense of taste and breathing may also become easier . However, a commonly reported side effects of quitting is the number of coughs some ex- smokers suffer . In my own experience , I found the first six months of cough is a busy time in my life . Everything was ‘wet’ as the cilia ( hairs on you lungs) got to work cleaning 20 years of tar in my lungs ! Also contracted more colds that winter than ever, but that could be for completely different reasons.

Statistical research shows circulation and lung function improve significantly during the period from 10 to 15 years after smokers quit . And quit smoking side effects are all positive in terms of improving life with the risk of lung cancer by half in 15 years and the risk of heart attack by half after only one year .

Side effects associated with Zyban ( Wellbutrin or bupropion ) and Champix ( varenicline or Champix ) can all be very unpleasant . Personally, I am not advocating the use of drugs , if possible , because I believe that quitting is in your head – but that’s another story!

The worst side effects for quitting associated with Zyban is the likelihood of seizure when taken as part of a plan to quit. The higher the dose is increased risk and Zyban was first removed from the approved after a series of seizures in patients ADF list.

Chantix has several minor side effects, but up to 30 % of smokers taking the drug , treatment should be discontinued due to nausea and vomiting. You understand why I advise you immediately if possible!

The other side effects quit smoking outside the health benefits and negative side effects of both pharmacological treatments most commonly used , have to do with the lack of nicotine itself.

The list of side effects noticed when a person stops smoking is a lot – some are as pretty as improving the smell and taste , some are unpleasant . There is increased concern that comes from trying to quit nicotine. People usually have a much shorter temperaments and are irascible at the slightest thing .

Others include an inability to concentrate or sleep sometimes exacerbated by other quit smoking side effects , such as nasal ( back of the mouth ) drip , sore throat , dry mouth and headache effects . An insatiable cough can be a major obstacle too!

The intestinal discomfort can also be supported with increased flatulence , constipation, nausea and cramps among some of the less pleasant side effects. It is recommended that if you have an increased appetite to stop smoking , eat more raw fruits and vegetables such as carrot or raw cauliflower and drinking plenty of fluids will help your digestion.

There are many, many more side effects seen to quit and everyone suffers from a different selection of the range – including breaking into places as a teenager, sweating , fatigue and tingling members !

The disadvantage of all these side effects stop smoking is that if everyone is not so bad in itself , the cumulative effect of many negative act as a trigger to break his commitment to stop smoking side effects . Whatever the bothersome side effects , which are a small price to pay for the benefits of quitting.

As always, everything you do and the method used to quit, never stop trying to quit smoking!

Quit Smoking Side Effects

Quit Smoking, Quit Smoking Side Effects

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