De-Stress Your Holidays

I must admit , even as a professional organizer , handling all again for this month another layer of “How the hell do I get it all done? ” To work now will probably add that full-time , plus raise a family by adding the required tasks to entertain holiday shopping , cooking, cleaning , packaging, and can be confusing and intimidating for many.

So I would spend a few tips that I will personally be using this Christmas is to build my spirits or reduce the list. I hope some of them help you too :

Browse my Christmas budget with my husband and collect gift cards, coupons and rewards credit cards that are not used this year and the first use when buying .

Buy only in person at my favorite stores like Room Backyard Store in Ridgewood and Midland Park Depot gifts . These places are eye candy for me and you can always find a gift I like to give . For those that I have to buy for ” wish lists ” specific as children and packers taken , I’ll Cyber ​​Monday style space. What is done to save a day of power shopping with my husband. We hired a nanny, any parties finalized the list and together we arrived in stores to check out all our gifts to buy.

I will order all my shipping supplies and postage USPS website online – instead of waiting in line at the post office .

Except by cutting our Christmas tree and a few things , I will not come to the party “stuff” in the attic, but I’ll ask a few pieces from the florist or even go to Home Depot nursery and use the living vegetation that can be composted when January comes .

I intend to cook , bake and freeze in advance marked a time of food preparation in the calendar of my family.

Photo Christmas Cards, I bought the weekend of Thanksgiving will be stuffed into envelopes and marked by my two kids this season . They each receive an additional $ 5 on your mission if all the cards are dealt before December 14 .

If I were to be in many places and I asked to take on additional features such as “Can you cook for Christmas Eve ? ” Instead of saying ” yes ” right away , I’ll answer , not ” I will return to you . ” Then, after a double reality check Calendar December courtesy to call and say . ” No thank you “

Begin and end the day with an inspiring reading. A cup of coffee or a glass of wine make the perfect addition to these readings !

De-Stress Your Holidays

De-Stress, De-Stress Your Holidays

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