How I Quit Smoking

I left a couple of times before, but always ended up falling off the wagon after a couple of months. Just one will not hurt , but as I ‘d always possible smoking full time. I was a regular and always smoked after coffee smoking after dinner , with a pint etc.

The initial reason for leaving my last was the most selfish reason . I work in a bar and the smoking ban came into force in July 2007 , would not be able to smoke in the bar, while keeping an eye on customers who want to serve . I stayed on my own most of the time and I could just go outside for a smoke , because there would be no one to cover me . The idea of ​​going without a cigarette for more than four hours fills me with dread. When I look back now , I’m disgusted with myself that it was my initial trigger for wanting to quit smoking again. Secondary reasons were my health, money, and being a bad role model for my son . It was the nic demon inside me . You a very selfish person actually. Yeah , I was deprived of my nicotine , I became an absolute monster . Quitting smoking is to begin on July 1, 2007.

I analyzed my failings on my last leave and am determined not to be missed this time . The key to this holiday was “No one breath ! ” If ever I am tempted ( Usually when out drinking ) I would say to myself. I even wrote a note to keep in your wallet at times of temptation. ticket reminded me why I left and how it would be stupid if I had a cigarette. remember that I could not not be a social smoker and finally I smoke full time if I loved . Y lyrics large capitalization say ” NO BREATH . smoked until the last minute of June 30 , even though I had a bad chest this time.

I signed up to NHS stop smoking clinic which was basically a notice every fortnight to check the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood and get my patches on prescription. Patch worked for me before, so I thought I’d use them again . My problems started normally after 10 weeks of the course was completed. While the patch is related to nicotine craving , I focused on addiction.

Quit it went well ! I followed my rule and even had a couple of very enjoyable nights . The smoking ban has helped in the way I could sit in a bar and not be tempted to smoke around me. We had a surprise in August with the news that my wife and I were going to have another baby. I guess my sperm was quite inactive while I smoked as my last leave was responsible for my first child. I think it’s a coincidence.

Something has changed my leave in October. My father is a heavy smoker for most of his life, he was diagnosed with terminal lung and liver cancer in August ( due to smoking and excessive drinking ) . Although I thought I was going to live at least for a few months , had a seizure while in the hospital and died in October , he was 62 years old . When I heard the news that he was dead, I was around my mother, all I wanted to do was smoke a cigarette. My mother would not let me. I ‘m glad you did not .

The loss of my father at age 28 of a smoking-related illness , made me rethink my leave . I’m really doing for my son and at the time my unborn child . I do not want to lose his father that I did , I want to see them grow up to be men.

As time passed, I changed my way of thinking about smoking . After losing my father, I read ” The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” by Allen Carr. I do not know if it helped me in my initial stop smoking, but it has certainly changed my opinion of my addiction .

A year after I stopped , I started counting the months not so much. He used this forum and other forum before . support from other quitters is so precious and I made some friends too. I am not here much these days is that I ‘m not a big user of forum anyway, but I want to pop my head in to say hello from time to time .

I reached the mark of 2 years in a month and so naturally , this forum and all my old friends left popped into my head .

I put on a stone weight, I ‘m still hard to change , but not severe , almost never need to use my inhaler and foremost, I do not kill me.

How I Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking, How I Quit Smoking

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