October Is Stop Smoking Month

October has been designated as Stoptober leave in the NHS. With more than 100,000 people continue to smoke in Manchester, England, the support provided by several service providers this month may motivate some smokers decide to quit.

Here are some ways to help you quit smoking Stoptober :

– Identify the differences between cigarettes. Some cigarettes are more important than others . Many smoked without thinking , by custom , on autopilot after a phone call, coffee, food, while driving. Focus on eliminating smoke cigarettes automatically , without any real desire or sense of fun .

– Distractions can help you manage these smokers automatic times. We can not think of one thing at a time to intercept these vulnerable times counting slowly to 100 , engage in conversation , walk to the water fountain for a drink , read something interesting . The desire for a cigarette disappear.

– Change your routine and do things in a different order , thus eliminating the link with smoking . Use another cup or travel a different path , maybe even rearrange your furniture so that it does not feel automatically make smoking . Renew your clothes so that you do not feel snuff .

– Think about what cigarettes mean to you. Are they a pleasure, a secret pleasure , reward, a way to manage stress, frustration , anger ? Find the best and most appropriate ways to introduce some quality ” me” time in his life, a relaxing bath , a walk with friends , running, listening to music .

– If you are going to smoke and has received an important call that may involve a major activity or a problem with a family member that will quickly forget the cigarette and take the call. Enjoy a true addict would not be so easily distracted . Focus on changing the mindset that supports your habit .

– Money is rarely the reason people quit . However, to save money you would have spent on cigarettes and use it to do something special for you and your family. Enjoy the benefits of better ways to spend your hard earned money.

– Hypnotherapy is widely recognized as an effective way to strengthen the resolve of a smoker to quit smoking and become a non – smoker. Many people start smoking at a young age , perhaps due to peer pressure or a lack of confidence . Hypnotherapy can help release the burden of an old undesirable habit while improving their confidence, self-esteem and help them find better and more effective ways to deal with stress and difficult times in its forms life .

Stoptober provides an excellent opportunity to join with others and engage in a solidarity initiative , hope support each other in their efforts to quit. As you get fitter , healthier, more focused on a better quality of life, why not look to take advantage of this month as the beginning of a new positive where to start to take care of yourself and feel better in many aspects . A healthy diet , a little exercise and the decision to take better care of yourself can actually improve many areas of your life, both physically and mentally.

October Is Stop Smoking Month

October Is Stop Smoking Month, Stop Smoking Month

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