Smoking – How To Beat The Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Having made ​​the wise decision to quit and had his last smoke , there are some challenges that can test your determination and wonder. If quitting smoking is so good, how come I feel like death warmed up. So what you are feeling is normal , you become very aware of how to control your system has become , because of their dependence on nicotine.

Most smokers do not know how the body is affected . In most cases , there are many more health problems caused by tobacco users realize . Its common knowledge that affects the lungs and this is what I think most smoking when considering health problems , but not much more. Very few ever consider the psychological and emotional crutch that smoking has become , because of the nicotine addiction . Smokers often light up when they are nervous , they feel stressed or feel the need to relax, but what actually happened over time , have lost the ability to cope with any situation without a shot inch to the nicotine. Just like any other drug withdrawal it takes time for the body to adapt to any changes that occur without nicotine.

So many ” What changes , what may be” surprising may be surprised to know that there are many more than most think. Course vary from smoker to smoker and the amount of time and the amount of a person before quitting smoking also plays a role .

Here are some typical withdrawal symptoms that are quite common .

Mood swings and irritability


No get up and go , feeling tired

Weight gain

Cough and sore throat, sometimes

constant cravings


Feel something is missing

There may be more , but the above are the most common . So what do you do to relieve the above symptoms you may have . First do not let your decision to stop weaken because in most cases , the questions above that last two or three weeks. Withdrawal symptoms will be tested , but not what the majority of smoking , show a weakness and learn to smoke. You can stop smoking , to prove to yourself , and do not think for a moment that you have to leave immediately because there are many ways to quit smoking that really works.

Fill air , walks and be patient, it takes time for your body to eliminate toxins. It will not be long before you begin to feel the great benefits of being a non- smoker, you ‘ll wonder why you left . But best of all you get to spend many more healthy years of life and enjoy your family and friends.

Smoking – How To Beat The Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

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