Why Some Smokers Still Gain Pleasure From Cigarettes

It is no secret that smoking causes cancer , diabetes, or at least affects breathing and reduces the immune system. However, on the Costa del Sol thousands of smokers still feel like they smoke.

A non-smoker could not imagine sucking toxin filled with hot smoke could never be considered good. Yet this is exactly what many people think smoking cigarettes . At least that ‘s what they think !

It’s not even as if smoking is relaxing because shortly after the dopamine hit your body feels the effects of adrenaline and cortisol only two drivers stress.

So why would you like to smoke , despite all the bad news about smoking? The reason is partnerships . All aspects of our lives are governed by the partnerships we have. For smokers of these associations or links to the early days.

History 1 . Hiding behind the bike shed at school, have a smoke . Risk, rebellion , excitement pleasure. Browse nose to school authorities . Join this group was great.

All those great feelings are related to smoking and soon a strong association between having a smoke and feeling good is created.

Over the years becomes meet this feeling whenever you’re having fun or drinks with friends. Thus, despite all the health problems, all the knowledge of the positive association with smoking wins.

Story 2 . As part of the wave group in which not only feels good to be part of the group that avoided the penalty of exclusion felt if you do not join them.

The association between smoking and avoid stress or emotional pain that will strengthen many times, so whenever you feel stressed , you reach for a cigarette, even if in reality it is more emphasized .

This shows how partnerships are powerful in our lives. I ‘m sure you’ll start to see that the key to stop smoking is to change their associations with cigarettes. It is best method to achieve rapid change. A special form of hypnosis that is guaranteed to be free from smoking for life .

Hypnosis is the most successful new positive associations rapids are set to be a non- smoker. Instead of the old thinking that smoking makes you feel good and helps prevent pain , it becomes non- smoking makes you feel good and helps prevent pain. Now being a non -smoker is your default position subconscious.

Why Some Smokers Still Gain Pleasure From Cigarettes

Some Smokers Still Gain, Pleasure From Cigarettes

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