5 Best Ways to Quit Cigarettes Fast – Natural Tricks to Stop Smoking Without Drugs

How many times have you tried to quit smoking? This is really not a challenge to quit , right? Quitting smoking is not easy, but can be done. Some people try drugs as substitutes for nicotine or other drugs available on prescription . But if you can simply change their behavior ( natural therapy ) would be able to get rid of this bad habit and always fast . 5 Consider the best ways or tips to quit smoking quickly without drugs.

1) Be motivated

To tell the truth , a strong motivation is impossible to stop smoking cigarettes . On a sheet of paper , to three columns . In the first recording of all diseases related to smoke heard . In the second, note that their own motivations for quitting. In the third, you can put all the benefits you have to be free of this bad habit . Keep this piece of paper with you and read as many times as you can each day to increase their level of motivation. Positive.Let think your family and friends know you are thinking about quitting.

2) Choose a personal tactical

How will you free up smoking? Gradually or suddenly ? Because you know better than anyone , ask yourself : “You’d better stop suddenly and completely or be removed at a pace that I feel comfortable? Then stick to your plan.

3) Avoid the temptations

First, throw out all cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car and office. Ask yourself: ” In my case, it will be an encouragement to smoke Drinking coffee What ? ” If your friends smoke , ask them to quit with you. If they are true friends , they respect your decision. The rule is the following : put yourself in a situation where you might be tempted to smoke .

4) Apply the substitution method

If you feel a strong urge to smoke a cigarette, breathe deeply, drink something, eat something , walk or do anything other than delay ! Experience shows that cravings pass after only a few seconds or minutes. Be strong !

5) Learn from your relapse

A high percentage of smokers who want to quit fail many times before succeeding . If you fall, try to learn something new about yourself in order to improve the control strategy against smoking. Do not give up!

5 Best Ways to Quit Cigarettes Fast – Natural Tricks to Stop Smoking Without Drugs

to Stop Smoking, to Stop Smoking Without Drugs

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