How to Stop Smoking FAST – 5 Recommended Steps

As a former smoker , I smoke occasionally. Back in the day , I had tried several times to quit smoking . Once stopped and restarted . I want to start and stop more than a decade without success. Finally, I used a smoke termination program that worked for me. There are many other products that are available for those who want to quit smoking naturally and today you can easily find online.

Here are five tips to help you stop smoking naturally .

Una . You can not leave unless you decide to stop . If you think you can try to stop without putting any effort into it , you are simply wrong . There is no magic pill or dark secrets that will make you quit. Take the first step and decide now that you will stop smoking today , but as soon as possible.

Back. Read the facts about smoking and inform. Maybe if I knew exactly what I was not against it I kicks so many times to try to stop and start again. Smoking is addictive for a reason and it is not their fault. The ingredients in cigarettes are put there to keep you hooked once you start . There are over 599 ingredients in cigarettes bad . Worse, when the cigarette is lit, the wrong ingredients are flown 599 it is so dangerous to those around you .

Three . Write down the reasons why you want to quit . Make two columns. Column you want to quit and another column that you think you should not quit. Think long and hard about this, because it will be your motivation page you see when you get the urge to smoke .

April. Get a small notebook or pocket calendar . Keep a diary . Whenever you put a cigarette in hand (even if you turn it on, or even if you take a break and put ) to a bar or a checkmark. Add the number of times you pressed one cigarette per day . He also left a package whenever you purchase in your journal. At the end of the week , add . The following week , remove one cigarette per day . Continue this process for as many weeks as you need to wean yourself off .

You can get two bottles of considerable size. Place the pots in a visible counter where you can see every day. Whenever you put a cigarette in his mouth, he finished fourth in a jar. If you smoke cigarettes , put the cigarette in a pot with half a cup of water in the background. Make sure you have a lid for the pot of cigarettes per hour, and you will feel. For more tips on how to stop smoking naturally , you can go to Google or Bing, and even find helpful videos on You Tube. You can also visit our resource box for more information on our blog.

How to Stop Smoking FAST – 5 Recommended Steps

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