How To Stop Smoking Fast – 5 Tips To Stop Smoking Fast

How to quit smoking is a very quick question frequently asked by smokers

And let’s be honest that smoking causes serious health damage .

I do not give a list here , because I ‘m sure by now the dangers of smoking .

But here are some things you should quit smoking quickly.

– More money to buy things

– Make the sport you ‘ve always wanted to

– Have more fun to eat

– You can have clean clothes .

Read the next few paragraphs, you will find 5 secret tips to quit smoking fast.

Tip # 1 I know you busy

There are many ways to be busy . Here are some examples that you can use .

– Make more long phone calls with friends and family.

– Peel an orange with the fingers.

– Watch a movie

Tip # 2 change your mind

If you want to get rid of cigarettes will change your mind.
The pharmacy sector and tobacco have in common that companies are monsters.

What does this mean for you? What will make you believe that it is impossible or very difficult to quit smoking .
Quitting smoking is no different , it’s actually very easy to do .

You’re just brainwashed by big business . As tobacco and pharmaceuticals made ​​lots of money from this lie.

Tip # 3 A reward plan

If you really want to quit smoking should be rewarded .

I do not speak great rewards , like a new car or new clothes, but smaller rewards.

A small example.

If you have eaten and not to smoke in the first hour after lunch , and then reward yourself with an extra dessert.

Tip # 4 Some drinks to avoid

To end the smoking habit will have several drinks.

Stop drinking alcohol, coffee and juices.

Tip # 5 Make a list

Take a piece of paper and write :

– The dangers of smoking a cigarette

– The benefits of quitting smoking.

Every time you smoke a cigarette read this list and ask.

“Why do not smoke? “

I hope you found these tips helpful . Note that this list can help you , but not enough to stop smoking quickly. You have to do more research. Whatever you do not spend your money on laser therapy or nicotine gum do not work.

How To Stop Smoking Fast – 5 Tips To Stop Smoking Fast

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