Are You a Healthy Smoker?

This title is not an oxymoron , there are actually healthy smokers , and you can be one as well and not to approach the race to qualify.

In fact, research clearly shows that while smoking may be healthier than the average American . Is equally difficult for the average American is not very healthy. More than 40% is a chronic disease , more than 60 % are overweight, and only a fifth exercise every day they need , according to the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.

Abrupt cessation is incredibly bad advice and justified by the fact that 70 % of people who quit smoking cold turkey still smoke within three months and 90% are swelling in a year and a half .

This high rate of remission is due to the fact that snuff is stronger than cocaine or heroin , according to several medical studies dependence. This is precisely why more and more healthy first is the best strategy for smokers who want to quit smoking because it gradually reduces dependence on the body , and the desire for nicotine and 14 other chemicals in addictive . cigarettes

Consider the following tests – Japanese men smoke twice as much as American men , but half the rate of cancer!

The health consequences of smoking are very clear, but there are only several standard tests and may also function to determine the extent of the impact smoking has had on the body. The measurement of the oxygen content and the level of antioxidants are just two of the more interesting that the smoker can find what is happening inside the body means. The test is essential because the potential , such as heart disease and cancer is not easy to detect in standard medical examinations.

For example , clinical studies show that the supplements such as green tea extract and curcumin may reduce the risk of cancer and lung disease by more than 50 % . Smokers who take these supplements daily will be healthier than smokers who do not .

Detoxification through a sauna or a regular massage , eating a large plant and the use of additional natural treatments are also very strong , and the average smoker can be much healthier in about three months .

They have more energy, less stress experience , be able to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day and be fairly ideal for smoking with virtually no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings later position.

Are You a Healthy Smoker?

Healthy Smoker, Are You a Healthy Smoker

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