Quitting Smoking is Not Enough!

The untimely death of Peter Jennings is a new pain that quitting smoking is not sufficient to ensure a healthy future recall.

Cancer develops slowly at first, but increases its evolution over time, often with very little early warning signals .

Once the cancer has begun, do not matter that your host has stopped smoking. This cancer lives glucose, which is abundant in the American diet in the form of sugar, alcohol and carbohydrates.

This disease is a smart , but creates shields around cancer cells which prevent the molecules of natural protection of the body, T and B cells to access a cancer .

The screening also not common to identify the early stages of cancer development health . The PSA test for prostate cancer produces many false positives , as do mammograms . Blood tests are usually no signs of cancer.

Conventional medicine offers little in the way of prevention strategies for cancer, but the natural or holistic medicine offers many prevention strategies scientifically proven and it all started with the importance of nutrition – both in terms of stimulating the system immune and reduce the glucose and sugar in the body.

If the levels of sugar in the blood is reduced by reducing the consumption of sugar, alcohol and simple carbohydrates , growth of cancer cells can certainly be slower . Has been shown that foods and supplements containing vitamins C , E, A and B6, as well as magazines , omega 3 and 6 fats, glutamine, curcumin lypoic and attack alpha acid and contain growth of cancer cells.

Another strategy is the natural detoxification systematic large scale to eliminate many pathogens and free radicals from the body as possible . Reducing the toxic load on the body , the immune system is better able to cope with any cancer cells that may be present. Anything less than a billion cancer cells may be present in the body that are not detectable by typical diagnostic equipment .

There is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to be able to access information on the many prevention strategies and effective natural cancer that have been developed over the years .

The Internet provides fast and often in-depth information on the subject and a trip to any bookstore or health food store will also be hundreds of books and newspaper articles on cancer prevention .

We must not live in fear of a future fight against cancer, provided that all possible measures are taken to help the body to avoid this very preventable disease. Life is a wonderful holiday gift or New Year’s resolution . Think and alternatives.

Quitting Smoking is Not Enough!

Quitting Smoking, Quitting Smoking is Not Enough

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