How to Stop a Drug Dealer

How can you stop a drug dealer ? How can we remain silent ? How can we make sure to sell to our friends and neighbors ? It is important to note here that this is not the answer or ask someone to stay away from drugs . To remove drugs from any part of the equation is not the answer to everything. If the interest is there , the addict find your medication. Period .

However, the return of rehabilitation or simply getting and staying clean, some people choose to take your current phone and start over. They do not want old contacts contact . And they do not want to be tempted to make one of them either . Let’s face it . Very few numbers of more memory you know . They are all on speed dial . Get rid of the phone , the problem is solved. This is a good start for many.

I would like to introduce you to a fantasy of mine . Call this concept VOICE SPAM . We all know that drug traffickers have a powerful tool in your arsenal. This tool is the cell phone. So I wonder if you know the mobile number of drug traffickers , how can you begin to silence ? Or at least close this issue ?

Closing number of a drug dealer is closing his business. Yes, it can and will go find another number. But what about all the people who know him only by his old number ? Will need to call each of them and prepare all imminent or otherwise you will lose a considerable amount of change in the business. Then we do it again to your new number. The beauty of this concept is that you have no idea who leaked his number first.

While I’m sure , and I mean way , I know the phone number of the person who sold drugs to my son , that’s what I would do. I would give this number to anyone who would listen . I sent an email to everyone in my contacts . I would put it on all the shops in the city. I distribute to everyone at work. You get the drift .

Now, do not display the name of the person. Just let the world know that his name is “X” and is a drug dealer . You do not tell anyone that he sells to his son. You just said … “Me and some people try to force this kind of change his number. ” That’s all. We are trying to see how many days does it take before it can no longer participate in incoming calls, therefore , the choice to remove the number.

Here’s how I suggest you go to the voice spamming (If it is not a fiction, of course). First, do block your number before calling. If you answer the phone , just ask if you sell drugs. It will more than likely hang up on you . If you say yes , it is a total and complete idiot and just laugh aloud before hanging up. If he says no , only cracks and hang up. Do not threaten . Just contact time. Others will do the same . The point here is to make him believe . That’s it.

Imagine a drug dealer . Suddenly, in one day , twenty calls from blocked numbers is obtained . Each caller has a different voice. Each call will start to make more and more paranoid. What would you do ? You wake up in the morning and sounds picked again . Expected to pack their luggage and the bus station . On the way to the station probably dump this phone too . So maybe save the life of a child through the city call now to buy a bag of drugs that have overdosed on .

How to Stop a Drug Dealer

Stop a Drug Dealer, How to Stop a Drug Dealer

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