Tips to Stop Drug Cravings – Take Action Now to Control Alcohol and Other Drug Cravings

Most people in the early days of the great experience of recovery from addiction . It is a common experience in addiction recovery . Alcohol and other drug ( AOD ) cravings do not mean that you are not working a good recovery program . With continuous abstinence over time , cravings will be reduced in intensity and duration. Over time , cravings can disappear completely. To reduce the impact of alcohol cravings / drugs, it is too early to determine “when” , “who”, “where” , “what” triggers anxiety. Ask yourself the following questions:

“When I ‘m more likely to have cravings? “
“Who am I most likely to be there when I want “
“Where am I most likely to be when I want ? “
” What do when I want ? “
“What kind of thing I think of when I want ? “
“What kind of thing I feel when I do not feel like ? “

The identification of these factors can help to avoid certain triggers . The identification of these signals may also want to help you develop a plan to manage and reduce the impact of factors that can not be avoided. Techniques to cope with cravings and be able to maintain sobriety in the face of cravings are listed here:

A . If you find yourself in a dangerous situation , leave . Exit. Fast. You do not have to make excuses or apologies , just leave .

Two . Use distraction as a tool. Find something to do – something to occupy his thoughts , time, behavior. Distract yourself with a new (or old ) hobby like knitting , crosswords , reading, anything that does not involve cravings signals.

Three . Having a harmless temporary substitute available. Substitutes that do not contain other chemicals, or obsessive-compulsive behaviors can be used in a pinch. Substitutes like candy , trail mix, gum , straws agitation can help . Substitutes such as sex , spending , gambling, whether tend to cross the drug and should be avoided .

April. Reach out to others . Call someone who supports their not drink / use. Call your partner accountability . Call someone in AA / NA , her husband, her brother, someone who will encourage you not to use . Keep a list of telephone, where you can browse the list of calls in reinforcements to help resist cravings before use. Keep a list if anyone is still available. Keep calling until you get the support you need.

May Keep an ongoing list of reasons why you want to stop using . Put it in the house. Recite the reasons why he decided to stop drinking / using in the first place . Some people find it helpful to have a ” reason to stop ” list in your portfolio. Others find it helpful to have ” reason to stop ,” published at home and in the car list .

6 . Keep a list of permanent gratitude. Add to that when envy. Add the benefits that arise from not drinking / using that day , week or month .

7 . Challenge your thinking process distorted. Identify positive expectations you can take refuge in use, and tell the truth about what happened in the past when used . Remember why you decided to stop smoking in the first place . Challenge the hope that the chemical has a positive effect , it will do for you what you want . Tell you the truth about what made chemical ” you ” rather than ” for” you .

8 . Challenge any internal dialogue of self-pity that you may have about ” having to give up the chemistry. ” Remember the negative things that you ” give ” to exit. Replace thoughts of loss with positive affirmations options to control your life and find your happiness by eliminating the source of the problem.

9 . Think of the first consequences of drink / drugs negative . Remember that you can not have “one” and that the negative consequences are sure to follow.

10 . Use prayer to resist cravings.

11 . Make a list of functions that the chemical has played in his life. Identify at least three healthy alternatives as replacements. Think about what you want the chemical to do now . Use healthy alternatives instead.

12 . Write a letter to someone you love and tell them why you do not use.

13 . Use thought stopping techniques to fight against the use of compulsive thoughts . An example would be to display a stop sign , or rub a rubber band on your wrist, you will land in the here and now. If you still see the chemical in your mind’s eye , visualize a cross superimposed competence and bone.

14 . If your defenses and suddenly you think you can use any other drug out of his last drug of choice , indeed , it is all the same.

15 . Take your desire chip AA or NA and rub your keyring.

16 . Read literature recovery , go to a meeting .

17 . The fight against all desires, one at a time , one day at a time, or if necessary, an hour or minute at a time. Do what you gotta do not resist the urge and use.

Keep reminding yourself that the desire disappears if not used . Also remember that you do not have to leave forever, just that day , or an hour or a minute. Then the next day , hours, or minutes , decide to stay sober another day, hour or minute . The desire will pass and one day you ‘ll get a lot of minutes, hours and days , months and years , back to back, when you were , and are clean and sober .

Tips to Stop Drug Cravings – Take Action Now to Control Alcohol and Other Drug Cravings

Tips to Stop Drug Cravings, Stop Drug Cravings

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