Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – Duration and Effects

Alcoholism is a serious problem for the alcoholic, mentally and physically. The body has become dependent on the material and requires more of the same . The alcohol withdrawal symptoms duration and effects can vary from a few days to a few weeks from mild to severe and death. Help is available and should be used .

Alcoholism is a problem of addiction is excessive and repeated. This substance is used to create effects or imaginary effects. As a person sinks into alcoholism, there will be mood swings, personality changes , lack of communication , changes in dress and friends and problems at work or school. The body and undergoes physical changes , beginning with liver damage . The eyes may be red, the skin becomes dry and cracked.

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to fatal, usually it corresponds directly with the consumption of alcohol. The length of the problem and the amount consumed will generally have a significant effect on the severity of symptoms. Everyone will experience some level of physical discomfort without stopping drinking. Duration of symptoms of alcohol withdrawal usually begin within a few hours, take seriously 6-48 hours and can last a few days or weeks depending on the person and the problem of drug addiction .

Medical assistance is available and alcohol withdrawal should be done under medical supervision. Most people under the care of a physician are sent home with a supply for four days of anti- anxiety drugs . 95% of people with mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal. In this 95 % , 15 to 20% moderate withdrawal symptoms may also have hallucinations or brief attacks .

A slight reaction include shakes, nausea, headache, fast heartbeat , sweating or night sweats , anxiety and increased blood pressure. 6 to 48 hours in most severe reactions , including hallucinations begin . These hallucinations are usually visual, but may include smells and sounds . During the same period of time a person is experiencing a more severe reaction may have convulsions or seizures .

For symptoms of chronic alcoholism can be severe and are known as delirium tremens DT . These are started 3 to 5 days after the alcohol is stopped . Once the DT start the medical profession has no way to stop them. DT include profound confusion , hallucinations , hyperactivity , disorientation and extreme cardiovascular disorders, including changes in respiration , circulation and body temperature , rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure and dehydration . DT can lead to great evil attack , heart attacks and strokes , creating death.

There are many medical facilities and alcohol rehab centers that can help protect the alcoholic and through the duration of symptoms of alcohol withdrawal . No need for anyone to go through this process alone , caring , competent people are trained to assist in this process.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – Duration and Effects

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