Top 10 Symptoms of Alcoholism

It is very difficult to draw the fine line between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. And mostly , it is the protagonist who is the last to realize that he / she has a substance abuse problem. However , there are signs that may open your eyes to the truth. 10 of them are detailed below. If you have 7 or more symptoms that you are an alcoholic . If you have 4 or more symptoms that you have a problem with alcohol abuse. Regardless of their alcohol abuse or alcoholism in manufacturing, it would certainly be a wake up call to arrange an intervention and undergo treatment and rehabilitation in a rehabilitation center for alcohol.

Binge drinking : Drinking alcohol in quantity or more frequently than you can handle is a classic symptom of alcohol abuse. The amount and frequency varies from person to person . In general, the amount is limited to four drinks for men and 3 women and the frequency limit is not greater than three times per week . Alcohol abuse is not .

Behavior Change : A radical change in behavior for the worse after a few drinks is characteristic. The reckless and irresponsible poisoning aggressive behavior can cause problems with friends , family , bystanders and even the law , if you decide to drive after drinking or enters a battle.

Increased tolerance : If it takes more drinks to get the same “high” as before, this is a sure sign of impending alcoholism. As the body gains tolerance to alcohol than alcohol must be more in the same direction .

Uncontrollable drinking: The inability to control or remember the number of drinks consumed , regardless of the level of intoxication during a drinking binge drinking called . While everyone was allowed to drink excessively , do it frequently , even at the risk of losing the drunk is alcohol abuse.

Alcoholic failures : When alcohol is consumed in large quantities at a rapid pace , the sudden increase in the alcohol content in the blood can cause memory loss. This is called an alcoholic breakdown or alcohol-related amnesia . Frequent passing during a drinking is a serious symptom of an alcoholic.

Financial difficulties : If your drinking is causing a strain on your finances, because you will spend much more to get time to reassess . You realize that if the purchase of alcohol or drink outside and the related costs are adjusted more than 25% of your monthly income and your monthly budget, then it is time to cancel cars credit.

Family problems : One of the most common manifestations of alcohol problems are marital and family problems , where the alcoholic alienates his / her family and friends when in a state of intoxication. And despite injuring several times while continuing to drink. Alcoholism is bad spouses and children of the majority and can traumatize the family forever .

Work problems : Their habits may interfere with their work, as power does not work because of a hangover or lose concentration due to alcohol during working hours . And if you’re in a position involving serious that the bus driver responsibilities , then you should stop.

Alcohol dependence : In this step, the alcoholic is in a state of dependency and you need your daily dose alcohol for support . The person feels strong cravings for alcohol and ignore all aspects of your life until you can satisfy your craving for alcohol .

Top 10 Symptoms of Alcoholism

Symptoms of Alcoholism, Alcoholism

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