Prescription Drug Addiction Statistics- Drug Abuse Hits Home

The big drug problem facing the United States , according to statistics of addiction, not on crack houses and shooting galleries city centers , but in doctors’ offices to millions of Americans seek relief from their pain physical and emotional .

Drug abuse among the elderly

As the generation of baby boomers reaching retirement age , there are now more Americans age sixty than ever. Whether or not it is a factor, more prescriptions are written with less depth knowledge of the physical condition of the patient, who has never, in these circumstances, it is not surprising that abuse prescription drugs, according to the most recent prescription drug addiction statistics is increasing.

The Department of Health and Human Services U.S. In its most recent publication of statistics on prescription drug abuse , he noted , both over sixty years the group including the abuse of prescription drugs is highest . According to their statistics on prescription drug abuse, over 17% of them are guilty of abuse, many of them are not aware that they are drug users .

What this may indicate that it is an overflowing medical system , which limits physicians the amount of time they can devote to each patient, and the health insurance companies that are cheaper to pay for prescription drugs for pain to pay for treatment or surgery that would eliminate the sources of pain. Statistics abuse addiction drug found in the elderly does not speak well for the U.S. health care system .

Drug abuse among young people

But statistics prescription drug [ ]

reveal other at-risk age groups, young and elderly, are increasingly dependent on prescription drugs. Those aged 0:25 are now five times more likely to engage in drug abuse twenty-five years ago that were prescription . And the trend is growing faster among girls and young women than boys and young men .

Another alarming truth behind these statistics prescription drug addiction is that when people can not get their needs met their patches orders , you might have friends who have the same requirements , or you can buy foreign pills. Worse, they can do so without the knowledge of your doctor.

Sales of prescription drugs rose by illegal dramatically over recent years. And while prescription drugs are the treatment of choice for many diseases, statistics addiction prescription give no reason to believe that the trend will reverse .

Prescription Drug Addiction Statistics- Drug Abuse Hits Home

Drug Abuse Hits Home, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction Statistics

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