What Is the Best Quit Smoking Timeline?

There are many programs to quit to choose from, and each has its own recommended schedule .

Some examples calendars :
• Prescription drugs like Chantix recommend 12 weeks or 24 weeks timeline for heavy smokers to quit
• Smoking patches recommend 4 to 12 weeks or more
• Electronic or ecigs as they are called cigarettes have not recommended schedule
• Hypnosis practitioners say you can leave immediately after the treatment of hypnosis
• rehabilitation centers usually recommend leaving 30 days

There are many other deadlines leave if, as recommended by doctors, nicotine product manufacturers and others to quit.

What are all these timelines based on ? Physical reasons ? Emotional ? Mental ? Chemical ? Clinical studies based on trial and error ? Why change them with another method to declare instant results requiring 24 weeks or more? Hmmmm . How did you not ring the deadlines are too scientific , right?

time habits

No definitive studies on habits timelines and training habits . Studies show that most of us need – 21 – consecutive days to learn a new habit. There are no specific studies on the timeline to ” unlearn ” a habit well . Using the figure of 21 days to learn a new habit , would not it make sense that since smoking is a habit, the best scenario would be 21 days ? Well, yes and no.

Intertwined with the mechanism of the habit of mind is our self-image : who we believe we really are.

That self-image must cease to be a smoker again self-image of being a non- smoker. The change of habit and change the self-image , both to work together to help you stop smoking forever . The best scenario I’ve found smoking for 21 days deconstruct and create a new habit of not smoking for 21 days.

Why jump – and promptly – not working

That is why the calendar “dry” (resolution never to smoke ) does not work. It is very painful for all that makes us human , as our adoption of automatic behaviors – our habits. He suddenly tear us away from behavior we told our body and mind through thousands of repetitions that we enjoy.

Over time , our mind and body will return to normal . Cold turkey with low success rates spectacular , because the time is too short and does not address smoking.

Best Features timeline stop smoking

If you are considering leaving this calendar smoking is best for you, consider whether you have 21 days to release the smoking habit and 21 days to transition your own non- smoking picture. A lot of research points that the best approach, so you will not have withdrawal symptoms and ferocious desire to return to smoking.

What Is the Best Quit Smoking Timeline?

Quit Smoking Timeline, the Best Quit Smoking Timeline

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